Liposuction (SmartLipo) in Philadelphia, PA

Do you have unwanted fat, despite having a healthy diet and an exercise routine? Do you want to look good in that bikini, or desire a more sculpted look? SmartLipo (“laser lipolysis”) targets those common “problem areas”: The abdomen, love handles, arms, back, thighs, chin and neck. And it does double duty – reducing fat and tightening the skin. All without surgery. The results are permanent, and you get a firmer, more sculpted body.

LUMEN is also pleased to introduce Renuvion® skin tightening, which can maximize your treatment results. It’s a non-surgical alternative to a tummy tuck that further contracts the collagen in your skin and tones fat deposits. This revolutionary minimally invasive procedure shrinks and sculpts mild to moderate sagging skin.

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What Is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is proven and effective laser lipolysis that accomplishes a lot in one treatment. It not only removes fat and tightens skin, but SmartLipo also sculpts the body for a smooth, more natural appearance. Using gentle liposuction, unwanted fat is removed in targeted areas to improve the body’s contour.

The SmartLipo Procedure

The SmartLipo procedure completely avoids surgery. Only small nicks (“freckle indents”) in the skin (no stitches) and a tiny injection cannula are needed. Local anesthesia is administered, similar to what is provided at a dentist office. Recovery time is fairly short with most patients back to work after 3-4 days. 

Depending on the number and size of the areas, the procedure lasts approximately three hours and steps include:

Candidates for SmartLipo

You may be a good candidate for SmartLipo if:

Some patients have larger or multiple areas to address, which can be effective with SmartLipo. The procedure is not for everyone and is not a treatment for obesity.

Frequently Asked Liposuction Questions

SmartLipo has revolutionized liposuction, the gold standard of fat reduction. But there are key differences between these two main types of liposuction.

Traditional liposuction is typically more invasive, performed under general anesthesia, has noticeable scarring, a long recovery, and doesn’t have skin tightening benefits. 

SmartLipo is a minimally invasive procedure using innovative technology that optimizes body contouring and skin tightening. It is performed under local anesthesia, so you are completely awake. Incisions are the size of a freckle, which means faster healing and little to no scarring. Recovery is fast and normal activity is typically resumed in 3-4 days. 

Dr. Andrew Kwak, founder of The Lumen Center, will provide a full consultation to discuss your goals and vision to achieve the best results possible, and create a customized treatment plan. After reviewing your medical history, he will examine you, discuss expectations and how the SmartLipo technology works. You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for your procedure and what to expect during and after the treatment.

The SmartLipo treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure in The Lumen Center office in Bryn Mawr, PA. 

SmartLipo can remove up to 5 liters of fat in a single session. You can expect that up to 90% of the subcutaneous (“pinchable”) fat in the treatment area will be removed.

You may start to see results within 1 week. Full results are expected within 4-6 months when the skin reaches optimal tightening.

Typically, only one treatment is needed to reach the desired result. Yes, multiple treatment areas can be addressed in the same session. A treatment plan is customized for each patient.

Yes, financing is available through CareCredit. Patients can complete an easy application to pre-qualify.

"Expect to have your life changed as soon as you walk into the office! You are greeted by the best front desk ladies. Having SmartLipo with Brazilian Butt Lift really changed my confidence from a 0 to a 100! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Everyone makes you feel so comfortable. Dr. Kwak & Gen are the best!!!"
Jamie S.

The Recovery Process

The recovery process for the SmartLipo procedure is fairly short with most people only taking 3-4 days off from work. Mild associated discomfort and bruising is common. A compression garment must be worn over the areas where the fat was taken for one month.

Lumen Center patients are carefully monitored post-procedure and at regular checkpoints for up to a year.

Is Liposuction Right for You?

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kwak to discuss your goals, concerns and questions. He’ll determine if you are a good candidate and review what you can realistically expect. We’re here to help guide you in your body contouring journey.

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